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2019 Packaging (Shanghai) world expo

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2019 Packaging (Shanghai) world expo


2019 Packaging (Shanghai) world expo


由杜塞尔多夫展览(上海)有限公司和雅式展览服务有限公司强强联手,共同举办的swop 2019 包装世界(上海)博览会将于2019年11月25-28日在上海新国际博览中心强势回归。覆盖食品、饮料、甜点、焙制食品、医药、日化、非食品消费品和工业产品等终端行业,为国内加工与包装机械制造商、包材生产商提供绝佳贸易平台。

The swop 2019 packaging world expo (Shanghai), jointly organized by Dusseldorf exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD and astasia exhibition services co., LTD, will be back in full force at the Shanghai new international expo center from November 25 to 28, 2019, Covering the terminal industries of food, beverage, dessert, baked food, medicine, daily chemicals, non-food consumer goods and industrial products, etc., it provides an excellent trading platform for domestic manufacturers of processing and packaging machinery and packaging materials.



This swop will start from artificial intelligence, printing, e-commerce and logistics packaging, personalized packaging, packaging design and other aspects, for the whole industrial chain, to provide innovative packaging solutions, Display intelligent processing and packaging production line. Five special exhibition areas in the same period, the packaging industry hot spots.



Once again, we will join hands with the "packaging house" to create a "FMCG theme pavilion" with unlimited business opportunities.


据预测,中国2018年快消品B2B行业的总体交易额将达20万亿。对众多的包装材料和制品生产商来说,快消品包装市场蕴藏着无限商机。swop 2019将再次与包装业界先锋“包装之家”联手,强力打造“快消品主题馆”,展示食品、日化、医药等终端行业的所需的包装新材料、新创意、新技术、新设计。

It is predicted that the total turnover of B2B in China's FMCG industry will reach 20 trillion yuan in 2018. For many manufacturers of packaging materials and products, FMCG packaging market contains unlimited business opportunities. Swop 2019 will once again join hands with packaging industry pioneer "packaging home" to build a "FMCG theme pavilion" to display new packaging materials, new ideas, new technologies and new designs required by the terminal industries of food, daily chemicals and medicine.




"Intelligent, information" leading the packaging industry in the future



The global smart packaging market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of nearly 8 percent to exceed $31 billion by 2019. However, with the arrival of the Internet of things era in China, the intelligent packaging of various terminal fields, such as food, cosmetics and drugs, is an irresistible trend. The new "smart packaging" area will showcase functional smart packaging, structural smart packaging and information smart packaging, as well as related technology applications. The 2019 session will also focus on the display of new packaging informatization technology, so as to increase the carrier role of packaging in the supply chain, enhance the added value of packaging, provide market basis and strategic direction for industrial transformation and upgrading, and further improve the service function of packaging.



Components processing and packing accessories & automation equipment "display zone, efficient, fast, and prolific lubricant.



Different from the previous industrial production, personalized production requires the configuration of the machine can be quickly changed and adjusted. As a result, we are seeing the development of more and more innovative packaging solutions, as well as new accessories for the combination of hardware and software used to drive and control devices, components, and entire automation systems, effective control modes. This means more visual sensors, packaging-ready accessories and assistive devices are needed, whether in food, medicine or cosmetics.



This time in swop scene introduced interpack concurrent exhibition "components processing and packaging accessories & automation equipment "display area, will let the workers engaged in the packaging or similar processing industry, as well as the equipment and machine manufacturers, really experience how accurate accessories make the packaging line work more efficient, fast and productive.

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