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2016 China (international) seasoning and food ingredients exhibition

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2016 China (international) seasoning and food ingredients exhibition

On November 30, 2016, the Chinese condiment industry self-discipline food safety activities was held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall, the event to "suntech law-abiding - work sharing food security" as the theme, China condiment association, Yu-hong Zhang WeiXiang Yun director-general, executive vice President and board of directors, vice President and secretary general Bai Yan, China food industry association, vice President of Cao Shumin and outstanding enterprises participated in the event of the responsible persons.


Food safety regulation alone won't solve all problems, more want to rely on food production enterprise self-discipline, under the initiative of state drug administration, China condiment association to carry out the condiment industry self-discipline food safety activities, social work to strengthen food safety propaganda, to increase food production and business integrity self-discipline of typical enterprise and brand publicity efforts, and give full play to its demonstration leading role, guide the consumer food safety risk rational cognition, improve the risk prevention consciousness



The 2016 condiment industry food safety self-discipline activities gathered many excellent condiment enterprises in the industry to participate in the action to ensure food safety. Wei xiangyun, executive vice President of China condiment association and director-general of the board of directors, said in the event: "China condiment association and enterprises solemnly commit to strengthen the industry and enterprise self-discipline, and jointly maintain food safety in the industry. Food producers and traders shall engage in production and marketing activities in accordance with laws, regulations and food safety standards, be responsible to the society and consumers, ensure food safety, accept social supervision and assume social responsibilities. At the same time, China condiment association, will in future starting from the actual needs of the food industry development, innovation, industry self-discipline and integrity management mode, set goals and management system, and continually establish and improve the industry norms, in accordance with the articles of association by making guild regulations, HangYao, strengthen the constraints of member companies and the specification, the condiment industry self-discipline to play a positive role in the construction of good faith, creating the atmosphere of integrity of industry self-discipline, maintaining fair and orderly market competition order.



In this activity, China condiment association initiated the food safety initiative and guided the self-regulation of food safety in the condiment industry. Many well-known enterprises have signed the self-regulation undertaking of food safety and promised strict self-discipline. The scene of this activity integrates the concentrated display of 2016 advanced food safety management enterprises, and guides consumers to popularize food safety science and interactive experience. In addition, the event was supported by a large number of comprehensive media and professional media in the food industry. Media such as food business website, China condiment website and Shanghai ortho carried live broadcast and special reports on the event. A number of media together to create a good standard, positive public opinion environment, the dissemination of scientific food safety knowledge, promote the majority of consumers to condiment food safety status and effectiveness of understanding. It is believed that under the supervision of relevant government departments, the self-discipline activities initiated by the association and the environment of strict self-restraint of enterprises, the food industry can better form a good pattern of social co-governance.

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